The Talent Incubator by Workland

The Talent Incubator by Workland takes the well-known concept of Start-up incubators and accelerators and applies it to Talent Management. The goal of the incubator is to fast-track the development & integration of exceptional talents living through a career challenge, change or major transition.

The Incubator only recruits Unicorns (A Players) in the fields of IT, Gaming, Digital Marketing and Sales and offers a select few the opportunity to experience a fully subsidized 6 month integration internship.  The goals of the internship is simple:  Fast-track career, develop expertise, surpass career hurdles and ultimately, facilitate the placement of Unicorns in awesome companies.

Following an intense training and work period within a pre-identified team in Workland’s network of partner companies, retained candidates will have the opportunity to shine and connect with the right employer, for the right job.


To be admissible, you have to:

  • Be facing a career challenge, change or major transition preventing you from getting to where you want to go
  • Be exceptionally talented, in your field or in the field you are targeting, which must fall within the fields of IT, Gaming, Marketing, HR, Sales and web related fields
  • Show that you are extremely motivated and driven to overcome your career challenge
  • Demonstrate the characteristics of Unicorn employees*

*Unicorn employees are A-players who possess a very unique set of qualities which make them extremely valuable to organizations. Similar to actual Unicorns, they are hard to find!

Are you up for the challenge?