The Agency by Workland

We are a new generation talent agency that specializes in identifying, selecting & matching superstar candidates (referred to as UNICORN employees*), with awesome companies who are willing to look beyond CVs and job descriptions.

The Agency by Workland offers turn-key, personalized recruitment services that complete ATLAS through human intervention and support to recruiters in developing and implementing Canada-wide recruitment campaigns focused on sourcing, approaching, qualifying and evaluating both active and passive candidates.

Workland actively seeks the exceptionally talented and gifted, those who have the potential to achieve great things if matched with the right employers who are willing to help them unleash their full potential.

*Unicorn employees are A-players who possess a very unique set of qualities which make them extremely valuable to organizations. Similar to actual Unicorns, they are hard to find!


What truly differentiates Workland is the fact that everyone in the company is dedicated to putting the HUMAN back into HUMAN RESOURCES. As you will see, everyone at Workland deeply cares about the well-being of both candidates AND companies, as the satisfaction of both is necessary to make long term relationships possible.

Whether the process takes 12 days or 6 months (yes, unfortunately it still happens), Workland is there to support companies and candidates from beginning to end.

Want to learn more about The Agency and its services? Give us a call on  (514) 707-0320 or leave your contact details below and we will get back to you at the earliest!