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We are a new generation talent agency that specializes in identifying, selecting & matching superstar candidates with awesome companies who are willing to look beyond CVs and job descriptions.

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How can you benefit From working with us?

Personalized Recruitment

The Agency is dedicated to putting the HUMAN back into HUMAN RESOURCES. As you will see, everyone at Workland deeply cares about the well-being of both candidates AND companies, as the satisfaction of both is necessary to make long term relationships possible.

Superior Technology

Our matching system generates very precise compatibility reports for every match. Our recruiters are able to evaluate thousands of applications in seconds, identify candidates with the highest potential and presents detailed compatibility assessments.

Unicorns Specialty

We are specialized in hiring Unicorn employees. They are A-players who possess a very unique set of qualities which make them extremely valuable to organizations. Similar to actual Unicorns, they are hard to find.

We Speak your language

Our recruiters are performing Canada-wide campaigns in English and French. We are a team of international talents with more than 15 nationalities. Give us a try, we will greet you with your own language.

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