The First Recruitment Suite Propelled by A.I.

ATLAS is an A.I. powered recruitment software that allows the precise “match”
between job seekers and employers to help you recruit more efficiently!


Great clients we’ve helped through the years:


Recruitment and job search are more complex than ever, turning the concept of the “perfect work match” almost into a myth.We decided to create technologies that solve HR challenges through the right combination of technology, A.I and human creativity


We leverage the power of our core technology and complement it with just the right dose of strategic human intervention, with the goal of bringing concrete solutions to better connect & match the right candidates with the right employers.


Innovative cloud-based Applicant Tracking System

Integrated ATS

Recruit more efficiently with a complete, cloud-based recruitment solution equipped with an integrated ATS. Learn more >>

Social Media

Get a head start on social media recruiting with a tool that allows you to easily set up recruitment campaigns. Learn more >>

Job Diffusion

Diffuse your jobs across Workland’s vast network of free & premium career partners. Learn more >>

Shared pool of candidates

Dive into a large pool of candidates and a vast network of active & passive candidates for each position. Learn more >>

Matching System

Automate CV processing & analysis through our powerful, fully customizable pre-screening technology. Learn more >>

Recruitment CRM

Access a recruitment CRM that allows you to track and recruit passive candidates and convert them into applicants. Learn more >>

The Agency is Workland’s non-traditional recruitment & staffing division that helps companies facing tough recruitment mandates or who lack the internal resources to execute the hiring process.

Companies can offload the stress and costs of hiring to experts ready take charge of the process, while benefiting from efficiencies through the use of Workland’s core technology.



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